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Knowledge holds a lot of importance in life and does make one powerful. Religion Islam has put much emphasis on seeking knowledge. Even the first revelation asked the man to read and expand his knowledge. An individual can only take guidance from Holy Quran if he has a very understanding of the book. Last Prophet (SAW), on many occasions, emphasized the importance of learning and gaining knowledge. This is way too necessary to make this world a better place. Are you a Muslim and a resident of a non-Muslim country? Do you lament that there are few to no Islamic academies around? Arabic or Islamiat is not part of the curriculum of your children’s school? Do not get worried, and keep your chin up as we have got your back the best online Quran Academy.

We bring you the Best Online Quran Academy that provides online Islamic education and guidance to individuals of all levels. Most of us read the Holy Quran daily without actually knowing the meaning, although this book is meant to be understood for being guided. Our highly qualified tutors will help you learn the correct voicing of the Quran and ensure you know the verses’ meaning and background. Our best Quran tutors are highly skilled, extremely punctual, and openly communicative and are there 24/7 to assist you. To make learning more effective, our staff will be using practical methods. For your convenience and a healthy environment, we conduct separate online Quran classes for children and adults. You are right if you want to instill concept-based knowledge in your children’s minds.




Our Mission


The mission of Alhekma Online Quran  Academy is t to provide individuals with the opportunity to learn and understand the teachings of the Quran in a convenient and accessible way. Alhekma Academy aims to promote understanding and respect for the Islamic faith, and to help individuals develop a deeper connection with Allah (God) through the study and practice of the Quran. 




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Our Students Voice

Being a working mother is burdensome, especially in a Non-Muslim country. I learned about AlHekma academy from an acquaintance, and they helped a lot in the spiritual growth of my sons. The teachers are excellent and friendly and available 24/7 for any query.
Iqra khan
I tried two to three academies first, but nothing matched the level of this academy. I'm taking Tajweed classes, and the teachers are so learned and highbrow. The method that they adopt to teach us is straightforward. I've improved my recitation. Highly recommended!! .
Areeba Tariq
The teachers are way too good and know how to tackle the kids. I do not need to push my kids for the classes as they look forward to it. All credit is yours and thanks to the staff!! JazakAllah!
Marium khalid
The best thing about Alhekma academy's teachers is they know how to keep a child motivated. Children, after some time, do lose interest, but teachers here are so helpful and understanding that they know how to engage a kid and maintain an interactive environment. .
Warood khan
My three children are taking classes, and what fascinates me the most is that the rates are affordable, and schedules are flexible. highly recommended!!
Fariha Iqbal
The best thing about Alhekma academy is its flexible schedule. I did miss some of the lectures due to some inconvenience, but they rescheduled them for me. So far, I'm happy with the services. Teachers are way too incredible.
Bakhtawar javed