Children And The Quran: Why Islamic Studies Are Important

knowledge holds a lot of importance in life and does make one powerful. Religion Islam has put much emphasis on seeking knowledge. Even the first revelation asked the man to read and expand his knowledge. In this era, parents are busy and cannot take out time to teach Islam to their kids. Being a Muslim guardian makes you worried when it comes to their upbringing. You have to fathom that grooming them spiritually holds much more importance than grooming them worldly. It is your job and you would be responsible on the Day of Judgment, as the Parent’s responsibility for the upbringing of children is mentioned in many verses of the Holy Quran.

‘‘O you, who have the faith, save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stone.’’

    (Quran 66:6)

We offer Islamic studies courses for kids that will help you learn the most important points of the religion. These short islamic course  but comprehensive courses will give you knowledge about every aspect of Religion Islam. Why a Muslim should abide by the five Pillars of Islam and why one should have enough knowledge about the Prophets? In this course, our highly qualified tutors will provide you with all the answers in the light of the Quran and Hadith.

Our Course includes

  • Duas for Children
  • Short Surahs
  • Etiquettes in Islam 
  • Kalimas
  • Stories of Prophets

Duas for Children

  • A Step for the Spiritual Growth of Your Little Ones

Our  Quran teachers will conduct interactive sessions to familiarize your children with daily duas/supplications that are recited upon doing different tasks and are a source of ajar. Our teachers will also help them memorize these duas/supplications by translating Arabic so that they can get to know the meaning and will ensure they say these duas while performing the tasks. This practice will help your children develop a habit of remembering Allah Almighty before starting any task  

Short Surahs

The best way to memorize Quran is by starting to memorize short Surahs. This first step will make your children know that Quran memorization is easy and they will yearn to memorize more. Our lessons depend on the learning ability of your children. Our staff can assess the learning ability of the children and will assign tasks according to the ability of each student. No need to worry if you are a slow learner, you will be taught according to your speed.

The session includes the following short Surahs:

  • Surah Ad-Duhaa (The Morning Brightness)
  • Surah Al-Asr (The Declining Day)
  • Surah Al-Fil (The Elephant)
  • Surah Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers) and many more. 

Etiquettes in Islam

  • The Secret to Happy Life

Islam is a complete code of life and is present in every field of human existence covering all the aspects of human rights. It is the name of humanity, spirituality, respect, dedication, and sincerity. It provides us with all how we can lead a happy and peaceful life. In every aspect of life, Islam involves etiquette and an ethical code. Islam urges us to deal with people in noble and praised manners. Islam puts much emphasis on the practice of etiquette in daily life, as it makes our social life more pleasant. As a parent everyone dreams that their children grow into confident and sensible citizens. Alhekma online academy will teach your child good manners and etiquette in the light of Islam. Our teachers will tell us the importance of good manners and how it affects one’s life. This session will allow your child to get along with others and it will keep civility in society. A child with good mannerisms will not only prosper in this life but will also be rewarded in the afterlife

  •    Six Significant Parts of Islam

Kalima refers to an Islamic oath or declaration. Kalimas are the fundamental beliefs of Muslims all around the globe. There are six Kalimas in Islam and all Muslims should memorize them. These Kalimas hold much importance as these are six significant parts of the Religion Islam. Alhekma Academy is the best online academy that provides a platform for your kids to learn Kalimas and other Islamic courses.

Stories of Prophets

Islamic studies course is specifically designed for those interested in studying the stories of different Prophets mentioned in the Quran. This online course will help you to examine the stories of the Prophets in light of modern scientific knowledge.

This course includes the stories of:

  1. Hazrat Nooh (A.S)
  2. Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S)
  3. Hazrat Adam (A.S) And many more

Our Quran teachers will provide online video lectures and will conduct interactive class sessions by adopting a creative, interesting, and fun approach for better learning for your child. You can teach your children Islamic courses online just by enrolling them in any course. Alhekma online academy is just one text away. Register for our  islamic studies course for kids and learn more about them at


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