Our ONLINE quran & ISLAMIC courses

Alhekma Quran Academy provides complete & customizable courses in Quran & Islamic Studies for kids & Adults  of all levels( Begineers to Pro ). Our Online Quran tutors can assess the level of each student & can customize the course so no prior knowledge is required to start to take our online Quran Classes. 

Our Online Quran Classes depend on the learning ability of your children. Our Quran Tutors can assess the learning ability of the children and will assign daily tasks according to the ability of each student. No need to worry if you are a slow learner , you will be taught according to your speed. Our online Quran  courses are highly effective and reliable for every pupil. What makes our online Quran class more effective is our revision lessons. We put much emphasis on revisions, and no new lecture is delivered until and unless the last one is successfully memorized. Our  Quran teachers will provide online video Classes  and will conduct interactive  Quran class sessions by adopting a creative, interesting, and fun approach for better learning for your child.  Book a Free Trial Class  Now.For joining online class you  only require an internet connection and a desktop/mobile screen to attend Online Quran Classes at their convenience.

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